By law we must let you know the ordering process, the technical steps to committing to a purchase and how you can correct any errors.

When you click the Buy Now link on the main ordering page, you will be taken to our shopping cart page where you will be required to fill in personal information (name and address details but not credit card information), confirm your order and agree to the transaction with Waterford Green Ltd. At the bottom of the that page you will see the following:

By selecting "Submit Order " you accept the Waterford Green Ltd Terms and Conditions and then you will be transferred to a secure SSL link to the WorldPay site. If you wish to cancel the order just select "Cancel". At the WorldPay site you will be invited to enter your credit card information.

When placing an order and during the checkout process we ask you to provide information on-line including your name, mailing address, e-mail address and credit card information. All of this information uses industry standard SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) provided by by WorldPay which provides for secure data encryption and site authentication.

During the ordering and checkout process you will notice the site moving into the secure portion by being able to view a padlock or key at the bottom of your browser as well as the site URL changing to a secure connection ( https ). This ensures that the information being passed is encrypted and safe. All information is stored on a highly secured server that is not accessible through the internet.

You will then be invited to confirm the product you are ordering and will be asked to select your credit card type (see below)

You will then be invited to enter your credit card details in the fields shown below:

Once you have filled in your credit card information (your personal details will have been passed over from our shopping cart software) you will be invited to make the payment by clicking the "Make Payment" link shown below. It is at this point that you have commited yourself to the transaction. If you wish to cancel your purchase before selecting "Make Payment" then do so by selecting "Cancel Purchase" shown below.

You will then be notified by WorldPay whether the transaction has been successful or not and will see a page like this:

At this point the Waterford Green Ltd Site will continue the transaction and you will be either taken to the download page, or you will be automatically sent an e mail with a link to the download page which looks like this:

Then simply follow the instructions on that page to download your copy of The 77 Habits of Highly Effective Students and start enjoying the benefits it offers.

Personal information - Waterford Green Ltd will only capture and store your name, address and telephone number. This information is then passed over to WorldPay who then collect and process your credit card details via secure server. At no time is your financial information either processed or stored by Waterford Green Ltd. This website has undergone a strict integration and testing process with WorldPay to ensure that it fully complies with their Rules before being allowed to handle credit card purchases.



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